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Breast forms for men? You Bet!
For anyone who's transgender, the transition from one spectrum to the other can be a very long journey. After all, surgery and hormone therapy are very intensive procedures that require a great deal of time, money and effort to be successful. For instance, surgery can give rise to a variety of complications from the get go, and one must make ample time for recovery. Procedures are also often done in phases, because it would be too hard on the body to do everything at once. Before hormone treatments can even begin, a transgender person must be thoroughly questioned and put through a series of psychological tests to ensure the validity of the case. As a result, the whole experience can be rather exhausting and frustrating, which is why it's nice to have some quick and simple solutions for just engaging in day-to-day activities. False breasts are one way to create a feminine silhouette without going under the knife. There are actually a lot of novelties to them. They can provide a great means of testing out a certain size or shape before going all the way in the surgical realm. The silicone breast forms for men from are available in a range of colors and sizes, and each piece is plush and realistic. Of course, one doesn't have to be in pursuit of a transition surgery to enjoy them either. Drag queens and women who are looking for a bit of enhancement can benefit from these inserts as well.

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Hot damn, here I am. Seems like we hardly see each other any more. Was it something I said? Something I did? Something I didn't not update the site for a long time? I know, I know.......stop your bitchin.

I guess this ship is sinking slow and the captian just does not want to let it go. These days any schmo can have a "blog site". And it looks like almost every schmo does.

I get a lot of people asking to add more porn. Well I found this little no strings attached promotion for free PPV movies! Enjoy.

Speaking of porn, check out what this lunatic is doing with his porn blog. Pretty cool.
I got me a case of the horny. I might hit the local colleges and try to score me some college tail. If not, DrBizzaro can set me up with a few Free porn DVDs.

Well, that was a pretty quick year. I can almost count the site updates using all the appendages on my body. What a bummer huh? There will probably be fewer in the coming year. Time is money my friends. And the more time I spend on this site, the less money I seem to make. And the less free porn I get to surf.

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Where are they now? Who the fuck cares. Perhaps you?

Who will you be kissing under the camel, er I mean missletoe on on NYE this year?
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That's all for me. Until next time I feel like updating this shit, I'm outta here.

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Where the fuck have I been?--12/24/03

Advanced BDSM Play: Tips for Taking Control of Your Guy

Bondage play can be a lot of fun for couples, and you don’t have to be a part of any alternative lifestyle to enjoy it. In fact, many couples who generally have straight or vanilla sex enjoy bondage from time to time. After all, there’s nothing wrong with letting your wild side out once in a while with a partner you trust.
However, trying to take control in a BDSM scene is very difficult for a lot of people. Whether you’re a man trying to control a man or a woman trying to control a man, the dynamic can be somewhat difficult for partners.
It is worth the effort though if you’re interested in the idea. It could even become a part of your regular sex life. Use our guide to help you learn more about bondage and taking control in the bedroom with your male partner.

Talk Before Playing One of the most important things that you need to do before you begin any type of sex play, especially if it involves one person giving orders or taking charge of sex, is to talk about what you both want to get out of it. Everybody wants something different and you need to both be on the same page before you begin doing something like this.
Another thing that you need to discuss is safe words. If pain is to be involved or anything that might be uncomfortable, your partner needs to have a safe word. In the bondage community, yellow is often used for slow down while red is supposed to be a full stop. You don’t have to use those words though.
In fact, you can use any words you want as long as they aren’t likely to come up. Watermelon, Tokyo, orange and phone are just a few of the limitless choices you have. Add Toys
When you’re trying to make bondage a little bit more fun in the bedroom you might want to consider adding some toys to your repertoire. For example, you can use steel cock rings to keep your man hard and erect as long as you want. Cock rings can also be worn for longer periods of time under clothing as a reminder that somebody else is in charge.
You might also want to consider adding ball stretchers, dildos and handcuffs or ties to your toy bag for fun bondage play.

Hello Kiddies:

.Aye Calypso The hookers banged. I think those were the words that
Denver John really wanted to sing before he crashed his experimental aircraft in
the waiting sea, he wanted more than anything to take his life and make it
over. That is what I think about on Thanksgiving. It is 2003, the last time I seen
any of you fuckholes I was daydreamin about slitting Sammy Hagars pants open
and pouring hot sauce all over and INTO his Urethra, but I didn.t&.. I actually got a little too close at one of his stupid concerts and about 12 months and 60 hours of Community service later I am out. That.s right, Uncle Lumpy got picked up again by John Q. Law and I got finger fucked in a massive way by getting thrown in the joint. Do any of you fresh faced, zit popping porn gathering condom sniffers now how hard it is to score coke in jail? It.s easier to get fucked by an army of Mexicans (which happens) but hey, I told them when they get out they can cut mine and John.s fucking lawn. With that they beat me with Pepsi cans in a pillow case. So how.s Redbrain been treating you fairy pirates? You all look good. Well America is getting fatter we all knew that. But Thanksgiving is a time to not remember that. Just think about how much you are gonna drink and then double the eating up so you don.t get fucked up too fast. My goal with what.s left of my cocksucker family is DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. I wanna see the fucking cops come by and I want to have one fist in my step fathers craw and the other hand raised over his head beating him senselessly with a turkey carcus . WHO THE FUCK IS HE TO FUCK MY MOTHER? They have only known each other for 16 days and he is gonna make me call him step father. I would rather make love to Adolf Hitlers Ghost. Who the fuck does thanksgiving think it is?
Why did we get ripped off? It used to about the Indians and how bad we fucked
em over for their land that we build adult bookstores on and kill eachoter on.
Why does it have to be about family and spices and Mrs. Paul.s fishsticks?
WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO MURDERING INDIANS ON THANKSGIVING? I guess every holiday ruins the original meaning. My birthday used to be about me getting presents and beatings at my house. Now it.s about me trying to fish out giant Maxi pads of Rita.s out of the toilet cause the bloody water wont go down. What is it about people ruinging shit for me? I would rather see a toy submarine disappear into my a-ring than have one more person wish me a happy hanksigiving. I like when family members choke on Thanksgiving that is a tradition I could live with. Go fuck yourself this day and everyother. I am so sick of hand-me-downs and Turkeys, whats wrong with a fucking threesome on thanksgiving. You could tell the broads, Thanks for giving me a blow job and you overweight blonde thanks for giving my clown cock a ride on a-wiper.

Okay Kiddies Happy Holidays and look out for people at your door in the next
couple months, if they start singing Christmas songs, throw scalding hot soup
in their faces. That will teach those portly mother f.ers not to come singing
at your joint no more.

Now Fuck All.yall
Lumpy The Clown


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will to cataclysm. - 3/3/03

by guest columnist,
shtai klyben-shtai

mass destruction yields thirst for more destruction.
this is a strange movement of will, yes, your will.
it makes you feel pity and anger. it makes you feel
RIGHT, i guess, about what i don't know. you get a
taste for it: daydreaming about a bomb blast or an
earthquake right outside your building, during a
meeting at work. you don't want anyone to get
hurt, least of all yourself, but it's so seductive, all
that pity and undefined purpose that tragedy spawns.
you don't want justice, you want THAT. so that's
why war makes sense. the friendly family puppy
that tasted blood by an accidental, playful nip, who
by some accident now craves only that.

crappy valentine's day -- 2/21/03
dear tender being,

i hope you will not take it amiss that i do not make some grand gesture of romance to you on this "valentine.s day". i despise "valentine.s day". we do not love on command, and to force any kind of feeling (any positive one anyway) is to smother whatever potential that feeling may have had. nothing disgusts me more than to be out and about, even worse on public transport, on "valentine.s day" night. to see the faces of other .couples. all self-conscious, and all (consciously or not) with the cruel demeaning look of one who feels humiliated and rapaciously eyeballs the world for signs of insincerity in any expression of amatory glee. "here we are! having fun! in love! we are 'out and about!' see!?" so i.m not asking you to be my valentine. i will pin no pink frilly metals upon you, nor will i wear any.

you are a compassionate, thoughtful, savvy, funky, shit-hot sexy gal, but i.m not gonna tell you that today. nor will i tell you how i drool with anticipation from the radiant inklings of many many exquisite etceteras, with which you shine. no. i just hope that when you drag your grumpy hung-over sweet ass out the door tomorrow evening your eyes will glint with shadenfreude at all the dolled-up slappers and the twits who escort them on their night of agonized pseudo-romance. someday, if you don.t expect it, i might just surprise you with a handgrenade of happy. maybe i.ll write "i love you" in the snow outside your window. i might be standing on your doorstep with a bouquet of cock and a box of fuck. and piss all over my shoes. we can watch fox news and throw beer cans at the teevee. then my buddies will come over and we.ll all smoke bongs and dring bug juice and then go naked chicken fighting. on stilts. again.

i won.t do what i.m supposed to. but if you expect nothing of me, i promise to exceed your expectations. i won.t promise to make you happy, but if you don.t expect it, i just may sneak inside you and light your fire. with a titan rocket engine.

bah humbug!


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N.B. For a fair representation of mainstream European thought on this and other issues, read The Guardian (still free on the Web):

And if you don't like how I put the case, try this US senator?

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"Facts About Tupperware" --12/13/02
This story is rated ® by French people...god damn fuckin french people

Unkle Slappy Nuttz life story

Unkle Slappy Nuttz (NO AGE)

This is a short fact sheet for all of you to check out.....

It's something we don't pay enough attention to

"Facts About Tupperware"
(1) No small children have ever suffocated in Tupperware.

(2) Tupperware looks nice from a distance, and gives your home that rich white upper-class look.

(3) Tupperware dates back to the Mayas.

(4) Tupperware is made from plastic and will last millions of years in our dumps and landfills.

(5) Tupperware can focus gravity for extra super suction power.

(6) Men think Tupperware is sexy, women think Tupperware has a good sense of humor.

(7) Tupperware can be used to transport deadly gases and human organs.

(8) Tupperware locks in freshness or germs, whichever is present at the time the lid is sealed.

(9) Tupperware is guaranteed to hold all of your leftovers.  If not, you can buy more.

(10) Tibetan monks have been known to levitate Tupperware.

(11) Despite popular belief, Tupperware can be removed from the kitchen for short periods of time.

(12) Tupperware lids make good Frisbees.

(13) Tupperwarecan be used to trap rats and squirrels.

(14) UFOs are really just big flying pieces of Tupperware.

(15) The Korean war was fought over the exclusive rights to manufacture Tupperware.

(16) Tupperware can be used as a sexual aid. (send children out of the kitchen first)

(17) Two pieces of Tupperware from the new Activa series can hold all of the blood from a human body.  One piece from the same series can hold all of the blood from a cat, with room left over for its fur and some of its play things.

(18) If Lincoln had worn a Tupperware hat, he would be alive today.

(19) If properly wired, Tupperware can receive satellite TV, and sometimes pickup communications signals from aliens on the Moon.

(20) Place Tupperware randomly about and scare your friends.

(21)  Tupperware does NOT make a good VHS player.

(22)  There has only been 4 deaths attributed to Tupperware Maulings.

(23)  Tupperware HATES Marky Mark just as much as you.

(24)  Tupperware can give you that close shave Norelco can't.

(25)  Tupperware is bulletproof when not being fired upon.

(26)  Tupperware was a secret tool for a underground break dancers.

(27)  If you look inthe the night sky, you can almost see something that might resemble a Tupperware container.

(28)  The Kraft company owns a Tupperware Boxer patient.

(29)  The internet can be traced back to a empty Tupperware container in the trunk of a 76 Buick owned by Al Gore.

(30)  Jesus really died for his belief in Tupperware,.  Then he came back for left overs.

(31)  In an event of a water landing Tupperware can save your ass.  And gives it that "ring around the ass" suction cup look.

(32)  Tupperware stared and ended the bronze age.

(33)   All castles built in the early 1300's were made of Tupperware.  

(34)  Tupperware pie is the second most made pie during the Christmas season.

(35)  Tupperware football fields failed over seas.

(36)  Phil Jackson's mustache is transplanted on using Tupperware shavings left over on the plant floor.

(37)  John Holmes had nothing to do with Tupperware, but he did have a HUGE cock.

(38)  If you give your Tupperware funny faces and stack them in different positions.  They look like happy love making Tupperware containers.

(39)  Michael Jackson has over 3LBS of Tupperware inplanted in his face.  That's 1.74LBS more then allowed by human law.

(40)  3 out of 5 people in America have masturbated into a container of Tupperware while it held food.

(41)  It's not harmful but if Tupperware is anally ingested induce vomiting and call a physician.

(41)  Do NOT feed your Tupperware container.

(42)  If your Tupperware container is used to store Chinese beer the fumes may give you an uncontrollable urge to defecate.

(43) Children can play with Tupperware containers ONLY in a well ventilated area.

(44)  If using your Tupperware as a pet please remember to have your Tupperware container spayed or neutered.

(45)  If your Tupperware container bites anyone it must be put to sleep immediately.

(46)  Tupperware averages a triple double in 3 NBA playoff games.

(47)  If convicted of a crime in Turkey the Tupperware police raid your place and cut off your limbs but place them in air tight zip-loc super seal Tupperware containers.

(48)  If your Tupperware container has a midget fart inside while being filled with the water the echo sounds alot like Michael Bolton and Kenny G doing a duet.

(49)  Most Bishops in the Catholic church keep their child pornography in Tupperware containers tucked away on a top shelf behind a secret wall.

(50)  Prolonged exposure to any kind of light be it natural or artificial, has been known to cause cancer in Japan.

I hope you all remember these tips for the coming X-Mas season...

This was a nothing story..Just felt the need to go with it...part 2 and 3 will be up soon

Unkle Slappy Nuttz...(sorry to some of you about not responding back to your emails..I was down for a while with an illness)
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